13 Year Old Girl Needs Forever Family

Please pray about this James 1:27 request!!

“Jamie” is a 13 year old girl in need of an adoptive family that can embrace her unique qualities.  She is of Caucasian decent and experiences symptoms of Asperger’s Disorder.  She is shy when you first meet her, but then is very friendly.  She has an excellent memory and enjoys meeting new people.  Her interests include arts and crafts, reading, drama, dancing, singing and animals, especially cats.  Like a typical teenage girl, she loves expressing her individuality through clothes and make up.  “Jamie” likes the beach and enjoys celebrating Christmas and her birthday.  Some of her favorite foods are shrimp, spaghetti and anything with Alfredo sauce on it.  “Jamie’s” favorite colors are pink and black.  Her strengths include her academic abilities and goals for the future.  She averages A’s and B’s in school and has aspirations of going to college.  Some challenges that she faces are frustration and anger due to her feelings of not being understood.

“Jamie” needs a family that is able to give her one-on-one attention and will support her through future decisions that need to be made in her life.  Feeling “safe” is very important to her due to previous traumatic experiences that have happened to her in her lifetime.  It would be best for her to have a family where there are no children her age or younger so she can get the attention that she has missed out on in life.  A single parent or family without children her age that can provide patience and a structured environment would best meet her needs.

If you are interested in knowing more about “Jamie,” please call the HOPE INC, Inc. Oahu office at (808) 230-2445 or Deeanna Wallace at (808) 398-3089.